Jocelyn Beatty

Winner 2014 Pennsylvania and Nevada Duck Stamp Contests

Winner 2016 Pennsylvania Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print

Winner 2019 Ohio Duck stamp Contest

Vibrant hued birds, realistic country scenes and dramatic florials are captured in watercolor and acrylic by Pennsylvania artist Jocelyn Beatty.  She focuses her love of nature, with luminous color, sharp details and strong compositions.  Using a rich saturated palette, together with strong primary light source, Jocelyn layers her paint to create these originals.

Jocelyn Beatty  Wildlife artist

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A self taught artist, Beatty was painting at a very young age with encouraging parents always keeping her supplied with art materials.

‚ÄčIn recent years, Jocelyn and her husband, Ken, have traveled from Alaska to South America gathering reference material for her paintings.  After seeing the animals in their natural habitat, she is able to capture the essence of the species in rich color creating an accurate and unique work.  Presently, Beatty, an instructor at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Art in New Castle, Pennsylvania, shares her passion for painting with her students.

Jocelyn's distinguished pieces have been exhibited in juried shows, invitational exhibits and solo shows winning her numerous awards.  "Southeastern Wildlife Exposition", "Charleston, South Carolina, "Easton Waterfowl Festival", Easton, Maryland, and "Wild Wings's Fall Festival", Lake City, Minnesota are some of the shows she has exhibited.  She won the 2003 "Pennsylvania Waterfowl Stamp", the first woman to win this competition.  In 2005 and 2006 her waterfowl art was chosen for the "Pennsylvania Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Print" and 2006 her canvasback ducks were made into the "Governor's Edition Print".

Beatty is an active supporter and fundraiser for wildlife conservation and charitable organizations.  When Jocelyn is not doing shows or gathering reference, you can find her painting in her country studio and gallery in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania.